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terrible fps performance , cpu and gpu not fully utilised
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even after i built a completely new system same fuckin thing!!
really shitty fps wat the fuck is going on ? eve on single play at most i get
is 30 if am lucky otherwise shite multiplayer is even worse am sick and tired
of waiting for all these months for you to fix it up ? i have tried all the
shit people suggested i do even overclocked my cpu to 4.8 ghz nothing fuckin

Greetings gentlemen , i have a rather pressing issue which truelly is a thorn
on my ballz , here it goes this is my system , and the problem is the fact that my fps
is terrible for a system of this kind first . it doesnt matter if i use
crossfire on or off arma 3 till not fps improvement it doesnt even use the
second gpu and second . if am running with one card the gpu usage flauates all
the time its not stable at all mostly hovering aroung 45% usage and to top that
off the cpu is barely getting used at all at most 45% this is terrible its the
only game am having problems with
this is in multiplayer this single player using the
mission benchmark from steam workshop and now this is single player mission


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every single time no matter what i do ,

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all the information is on the ticket

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Koala added a comment.Jan 30 2016, 2:59 PM

Hello, this "issue" has already got its own ticket: #0000716

A little advice: Cursing is not the key