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Im playing with following mods:
-TaskForce Radio

The issue occur randomly, sometime when I'm running, other times when I'm shooting or looking at the sky. I usually can't play more than 30 minutes before the crash (the time seems to be random to).

This issue occur for me since some weeks (2-3). Before i had no problems. The ONLY thing that have changed on my computer is my headset configuration. I use an AfterGlow AGU.1S, and this headset works with an USB Stick and a Jack cable. The jack is "plugged" on the USB stick (you can't detach it) and you have to plug the other side on your computer. This cable has been unintentionnaly cutted. (I still have sound, but it's no longer directionnal). Since the cable has been cuted, crash occur.
You can see the headset and the USB-Stick ont this video : (video not from me)

! I think the crash occur cause of the headset, however im not sure at all !

I've searched on google, and i've found someone who had the same crashing issue, and at the end of the topic, he discovered that it was caused by his bluetooth headset:
"I was having this problem but found if I turn off my bluetooth head set it stopped crashing. Worked for me anyway"


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Buy an AfterGlow AGU.1S (no longer available)
  2. Buy a rabbit
  3. With the rabbit cut the jack cable
  4. play arma online until it crash
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The crash doesn't seems to appear in virtual arsenal, in fact i've tested only on multiplayer.

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Koala added a comment.Jan 29 2016, 9:32 PM

Hello, the developers of Arma 3 are not responsible for mod related problems.

Yes but actually there is no proof to say that the mods are the problem. I've repaired my headset today and i'm going to see if the crash still occur or not.

Sorry for the duplicate thread, but there was a bug when I tried to directly upload my files and it seems it publish it twice.

Okay so after playing 2 hours without any crash, I think we can say that the headset is the problem.

But now, the question is: Why the headset was crashing the game? (and I precise that ArmA is the only program on my computer which crash cause of the headset)

If needed, I think I can reproduce the issue by simply unplugging the jack (it would be like a cutted wire)

Also I'd like to apologize for all my english mistakes, english isn't my native linguish.

Koala added a comment.Feb 1 2016, 7:37 PM

This is an USB headset am I right?

If this is the case, the headset has its own build-in soundcard.

Maybe the game just crashes because the headset is losing its connection now and then.

A simple solution might be to play the game with another headset or speakers for a couple of days. If the error still occurs there might be another reason for this error.


are you experiencing crashes with this headset when you are running the game with no mods?

If so, please send us the crash dumps that are created when no mods are running.

Thank you