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DEV BRANCH - Editor crash waypoints
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I get a constant crash when doing the following process below.

Please let me know if you cannot reproduce per below and i will send more details as needed, but i tested it multiple times and crashed every time.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Open editor.

  1. Place two units. 1 player, and another AI.
  2. Select AI unit and create multiple waypoints for AI unit.
  3. After final WP, select the units Group ICOn to edit attributes. Change the speed from NORMAL to LIMITED or RUN? and once you click OK it will crash.
Additional Information

Vanilla setup on latest DEV build as of today

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Koala added a comment.Jan 29 2016, 6:01 AM

Duplicate of #0027631

You don't have to create waypoints. It is only necessary to open the attributes of the callsign (f.e. Alpha 1-1) and click OK.