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arma 3 optic arco glitch
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when equipping zafir with arco the optic is flipping and i can't see nothing


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1 equip zafir with backpack and arco or rco
2 notice when you moving and zooming with arco you can see pieces of backpack flipping on your visuals
here is a video to reproduce it

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thank you very much for your feedback.

Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this bug. Could you please provide me with more info on how to repro this?

Are you using any mod? Does this happen with every backpack or you have to have a specific backpack equipped? Are you using the Aim Deadzone option?

A more specific description and repro steps would help us a lot to find the bug and fix it.

Thank you

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related to #18588

i was equipping field backpack i will test with others
mod used 2
but i doubt it could interfere with a visual glitch like this
have you see the video ?


would you mind trying to switch to Steam Dev version and check whether this issue is still present?

Thank you

i will try dev build but

have you tryed joining eutw servers
buying a zafir with field backpack and walk while zooming with arco with 4x zoom ? i'm sorry but i don't remember the keybind

issue is still present
1 go to arsenal
2 equip this things:a) classic mimetic b) chest rig c) zafir with ammo and RCO d)carryall backpack (but the others is visible too)
3 move left and right while zooming with RCO press CTRL+Right mouse button
4 to catch ARCO glitch you need to move only one pass to left
i will upload other video
Thanks for listening


what exactly is Classic Mimetic?

mtp from nato,default from opfor i don't remember exactly the name

any news on this bug ? at least watch the video !!