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FPS got so bad after last arma 3 update
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My FPS got so bad after last arma 3 update, textures load much slower than before and when I turn my head in game, not even so fast, I see textures of terrain and buildings are loading, also FPS gets low in common situations specially in more complex situations like firefights, setting windows audio sample rate to 16 bit didn't do much too.

remember that I'm in windows 10 and experiencing all above in SP mode such campaign and showcases and surely it would be much worse in MP.


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Hello, low FPS may result of several causes.

Please provide us with more informations.

-what are your pc specifications (GPU, CPU, RAM)?
-have you installed the latest GPU drivers?
-do you use any modifications for Arma 3?
-have you verified the integrity of your game cache?
-have you defragged your gaming hdd?


we are sorry for the trouble you are having with the game. A lot has been done to improve the performance during past few weeks. Could you please try to switch to Steam Dev and see if the problem is still present?

You can find how to change to Steam Dev here:

Thank you very much

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Thanks @Koala here is it:
GPU=AMD HD7770 (latest driver)
CPU=Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.1GHz

I play it on vanilla, no mod or any modifying app.

I verified it twice with no result of any files problem.

My hdd fragmentation is not so high as I analyzed it.

Thanks @razazel but I prefer to wait for next update.

Yes, I get that you prefer the Stable version, however, confirmation that you are no longer experiencing the issue on the Steam Dev version would help us to find out if we are heading the right direction.
Steam Dev version will eventually become the next Stable version and feedback from is important.

It is however of course really only up to you :) Hopefully you won't have to experience this problem anymore once the update is out.

@razazel I love to provide feedback and did a lot before, but switching from stable to dev and to stable version again cost lot of internet bandwidth and as my internet connection is metered one, it's a little not so interesting for me.

anyway thanks for your support and hardwork, hope see much better performance in coming update.

Koala added a comment.Feb 2 2016, 2:57 PM

Hello amooei

There is a simple solution for using the stable and development branch without downloading large files everytime you want to switch.

You can download "Arma 3 Tools" (Steam->Library->Tools).

Open "Arma 3 Tools" and open the "Game Updater".

With the "Game Updater" you can easily download the latest development branch in a separate location without overwriting the stable branch.

Best regards

amooei added a comment.Feb 2 2016, 8:12 PM

@Koala thanks for clarification.