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Subcategories for class weapon attachments
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I'd like to suggest to add four more subclasses to the class "weapon attachments"

  1. Bipods
  2. Sights
  3. Suppressors
  4. Gunlights & Laser

This might not seem important now, but with mods like RHS adding tons of new suppressors etc. It would make defnitely sense from my point of view.

Additionally class "Weapons" should be a subclass of class "Equipment"


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As the categorization has been already in progress, this should hit the dev branch today. Could You, please, check the new categories.
As far as the weapons under equipment part of request goes, this is impossible as there is just two levels. And having all the weapons together would be a bit harder, I would say, than having them as a separate category.

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The it is after today's update, looks fine to me. Thanks!