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remoteExec/remoteExecCall with target -2 does not execute locally in SP
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remoteExec/remoteExecCall executed with target -2 (run function everywhere but server) does not execute locally in SP, means it does not execute the command at all in SP/SP Editor.

This makes workarounds needed while developing and should be avoided.


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Put the following in the debug console in SP/SP Editor:

"hello" remoteExec ["hint", -2];

This should show a "hello" hint but it doesn't.

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-2 means execute everywhere but the server. If you type in editor

hint str isServer;

the result would be "true", therefore it will not be executed. Does this resolve the issue for you?

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No, it doesn't resolve the issue.

It should always work in SP, no matter what kind of target it is. Otherwise for testing purposes you have to write extra code.

Xeno added a comment.May 25 2016, 7:48 AM

This is still valid. Please change it so that remoteExec with any target executes in singleplayer/editor.

I had to add about 30 isMultiplayer checks and the command/function again just to make it work in singleplayer which is nonsense..

Xeno added a comment.May 25 2016, 8:47 PM

And by the way, this is not for adapting a mission from MP to SP but I and many others make missions for dedicated servers in the singleplayer editor.

And adding another script call instead of simply add the is multiplayer check in the c++ code...