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Terrible Clipping on Tank Engines
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I noticed terrible clipping for MBT tank engine sounds (for quite a while, but so far unreported). That happens everytime the "engine" is cut off by the turning controlls.

When you press "turn" more then 50% (controller or keyboard), the link between physX and controllinput will kill the engine input to 0. When you lower the turn controll below 50% it will jump back to it's original rpm.
This creates havoc with the sound

This not only can produce very nasty sounds but also handling issues, such as this (you can also hear some clipping in the video of that ticket)
The best solution to this problems would propably be to modify the controll scheme to do less drastic changes in short time frames. A possible solution is listed in the other ticket


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Give full throttle (keyboard or controller) until you have built some speed. Then turn full left or right, then release turn key.

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I noticed similar issue when you turning engine off on all vehicles, which have this sound sameple longer - terrible clippig all the time.