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1.55.134002 - filePatching not working, script command filePatching not present
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Hello guys,

according to this SITREP -filePatching enables the use of unpacked data and also a script command "filePatching" returns the status of this.

It does not work in current DEV-Branch (19. January 2016). I am unable to load unpacked data. A config I totally broke in the unpacked version of my addon was ignored by Arma.

Also the script command to check filePatching does not exist on the official list of script commands and does not return anything. If run in a formatted hint it returns "any".


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The command is: isFilePatchingEnabled

Thank you!

The result is "true" now. Still arma does not load content from the unpacked data.


could you please upload files that are not being loaded by the game even though you are running it with the filePatching parameter?

Thank you

I have attached the filepatching addonset.

In the PBO the value of volumeFactor of "class MX_Tail_SoundSet" (in soundSets.hpp) is 1. In the unpacked data the value of that is 0. This value is ignored, I hear the specific sound at full volume so I think it is not loaded.

Did you try filePatching this?