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'player action ["EJECT", heliname]' can make the player eject his parachute
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It seems that, if the player ejects prematurely (manually) and opens up his parachute, the parachute inherits the name of the aircraft. Therefore, once code is executed, the player ejects (again) and falls to his death. {F27824} {F27825}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open up the editor.
  1. Place a flying heli, name it 'heli1'.
  1. Place a paratrooper, make it the player.
  1. Move the player as cargo of the heli.
  1. Preview, eject and open your parachute.
  1. Once you're flying in your parachute, open the debug window and type in: player action ["EJECT", heli1].

The player will eject the parachute.

EDIT: Simplified the steps to reproduce.

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Yes, you can simply restrain the player from ejecting prematurely, but that may doom him if, for example, the helicopter is going down and he needs to eject.

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thank you for your feedback. Would it be possible that you send us a whole simple repro mission for this issue?

Thank you

Roach added a comment.Jan 18 2016, 8:25 PM

Yes, I've simplified it as much as possible. Just load up the mission, eject and open up your chute. Once it's open, pause and type this in the debug window: "player action ["EJECT", heli1]", The player will eject the parachute.

And ignore the attached init file.