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Revive make impossible for playable Zeus to open interface
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There is an annoying bug when the revive system is enabled on a custom Zeus mission where Zeus is also a playable unit.
If the Zeus player is killed and available for revive, it's capacity to use Zeus is immediately removed.
I think it's normal to close the interface and prevent the player from opening it when he is down. BUT THE PROBLEM IS that even if he is revived or if he respawn, he can't re-open the Zeus interface during the whole current session. {F27800} {F27801}


Legacy ID
End Game - Revive
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a custom mission with:
  2. Respawn & Revive respawn template (description.ext)
  3. A BLUFOR playable unit
  4. A Zeus Module (with #AdminLogged unit and NON-forced interface)
  5. A marker called "respawn_west"
  6. Save and Put the mission folder in "MPMissions" in your A3 folder
  7. Start a LAN or INTERNET Local server with your mission
  8. In-Game, Verify that you can open Zeus (press Y)
  9. Close Zeus interface (press Y again)
  10. Throw a grenade on your feet
  11. Force respawn with "Space" while in Zeus Interface
  12. Try to open Zeus Interface again with Y.

It doesn't work anymore.

Additional Information

If you have this bug, you can still use Zeus if you use MCC with the following method:

  • Logout from MCC
  • Login again

Zeus is now re-assigned to the player so it works again.

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could you please provide us with your custom scenario repro mission?

Thank you

Uploaded to Attached files!

Zeus is assigned to the Logged Admin. The mission will appeared as "Feedback issue 27400" in MP mission selector.

Encountered the same issue here, to expand on the first post here what's happening:

Player dies
player is put into revive state

  • at this point the curator logic doesn't have a unit assigned anymore, it returns <NULL OBJECT> (tested with getAssignedCuratorUnit <name of the logic>.

upon respawning the assigned unit still is <NULL OBJECT>.

My tests were run on 1.54.133741 unmodded.

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