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Make ladders obey GeometryLOD
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Currently if you have a ladder with a door/hatch above it, character moves up ladder ignoring the geometry of the hatch and passes through the geometry to the "end" point of the ladder.

Making ladders obey the geometry of a structure/vehicle would greatly enhance the features and realism of movement on current and future structures & vehicles that utilise ladders - ships like the LHD for example could have working hatches. {F27795}


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Quick repro steps:

Model a hollow box with a 1m x 1m hole in the roof.
Add a 1m x 1m box covering the hole.
Rig the hatch in mlod/model.cfg/config.cpp as a door.
Add planar/3D ladder positioned to exit point of hatch.
Add ladder "start"/"end" named selection vertices in memory LOD relative to the ladder & hatch positioning.
Define - ladders[] = {{"start", "end"}} in config class.

Climb ladder, watch character climb ladder through geometry mesh of the hatch.

Additional Information

Being able to pass through solid objects because your character is on a ladder completely breaks the immersion of the enviroment you are in.

Adding this feature will greatly enhance enviroment immersion and allow us to create more realistic assets for the game.

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would it be possible that you send us your files for such object so we can look into this?

Thank you

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yeah sure, do you have an email address or something to send them to? I rather not publish them on an open feedback tracker :)

alternatively PM me on Arma3 discord, user @Uro, and I'll happily give you a dropbox link to a zip file with the model in the screenshot

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Update: example model passed onto razazel@BI

Not sure, but can you interact with objects (through action menu) when on a ladder? This would be mandatory for this to work.

Uro added a comment.Jan 19 2016, 11:48 PM

yes, open/close named selection in memory lod works while on ladder