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Changing hitpoint system to a chance system
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This is a pretty heavy request, but personally, I think it will make the healthcare better for everyone in the long run.

Because this is a simulation game, I believe, like many others, that it should be realistic. You should feel like you are in the situation your character is in (apart from possible lag). I believe, that the health system should be on chance, rather than hitpoints.

As an example, let's compare the current system to my suggested system in the scenario of jumping out of a driving vehicle. The vehicle drives at x speed, which the higher it is, will make higher damage to the player. If you jump out of a car driving at 30km/h, you might survive, but the higher the speed, the more damage you'll take from jumping out.

In a chance system, x speed would be the percentage of likelyhood of taking damage and certain penalties (see below). So if you jump out of a car driving at 30km/h your likelyhood of dying is 40% and the chance of breaking a random bone is 20%. In a chance system, if you were to double the speed to 60km/h, the chance of dying and chance of breaking a random bone would go up as well, though not necessarilly doubling along with the speed, meaning that at that speed your chance of dying may be 80%, but the chance of breaking more than one random bone would be 100%.

While the chance of receiving one or more effects should go as high as 100%, the chance of dying should only go as high as 99% in my opinion, so in a situation of a helicopter going down, if you were to jump out you might break every bone in your body, leaving you unable to move, but still able to receive treatment if you can somehow call in someone to provide advanced first aid.

In the case of an explosion, it would depend on obstructions, shockwave, and distance from blast, so that the closer you are and the less protective equipment you're wearing, the higher the chance of death.

This could also help fix issues like death from jumping off of a normal-sized home's rooftop and down into the streets, which has very often, regardless of height, which often results in death.


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If implemented, this could also be a good way to introduce other effects, like dismemberment, unconsciousness. broken bones, bleeding (with damage over time) followed by blood loss, shot with caliber x in body part x, etc, adding different penalties depending on the effect and severity of said effect.

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Heavily related to #0003002 (Realistic Wounding System)
and #0007341 (Repeatedly hit on legs or arms should NOT kill you instantly)

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it would also make artillery more realistic. Right now, without cover, the 155 covers a huge radius where everyone just dies or gets seriously injured from one hit, making artillery and other explosives way too strong against infantry.

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Good point Fennek. I also see that it's been acknowledged. Hopefully something will be done to improve the current system, or replace it completely.


Not necessarily. The changes I suggested are not mirrors of those suggestions, but more or less a broader view of possible changes which while it does carry elements of the Realistic Wounding System suggestion, is not entirely the same.

Granted, there are many imaginable situations, and of course, I'm not saying you should be able to survive a hailstorm of bullets, which is why I suggested the effects, which would impact overall survivability completely. In a situation in which you're bleeding, there could be a chance of dying or increasing the type of bleeding every 30 second-interval. Bullets would have a 100% chance of causing bleeding, and depending from where, it'd affect how you fare on the battlefield.

We currently have two kinds of damage effects. If you're damaged in the legs, you can only walk slowly, and if you're shot in the arms, your aim is affected significantly. I don't think that these effects are enough when compared to effects in VBS and ArmA 2 and its expansions.