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Linux Server ignores cpuCores, and maxMem Parameters.
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We are using the Linux Server for ArmA3.
The Problem is, the Linux Server ignores, -enableHT, -cpuCore=7 or -maxMem=4096

Under unix, is ArmA3 only using 1 CPU Core and not more... This is Shit.

By Using -maxMem=4096 returns the Server after Loading a Floating Point error.

please fix this, the Linux Server of ArmA 3 has no Memory Leak bugs, and runs fine.

The Screenshot has i made with 80 Players on the Server, and 1 Using CPU Core.


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Steps To Reproduce

./arma3server -port=2302 -config=server.cfg cfg=basic.cfg -maxMem=4096 -enableHT -serverMod="@extDB2;@life_server;battleye;" -autoInit -noSound


./arma3server -port=2302 -config=server.cfg cfg=basic.cfg -maxMem=4096 -cpuCount=7 -serverMod="@extDB2;@life_server;battleye;" -autoInit -noSound

Additional Information

When you try, -maxMem=4096, gives the Server a Floating Point exception out.
When you start with -cpuCore=7, Arma uses only 1 Core.
when you start with -exThreads=7, only 1 Core of 12 is using.

-enableHT does nothing.

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Works for me, and ticket is too old anyway

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i reproduced the -maxMem issue (floating point exception out), i have it running on debian 10, 8c/16t ryzen 1700X, 32GB DDR4-2666

removing -maxMem resolved the issue for me

Arma 3 Console version 2.04.147719 x64

@dedmen This is still an issue. "Floating point exception" for any maxMem values >= 4096 on Linux x64.