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Vehicles (specifically Air Vehicles) crosshairs CAN NOT be turned off.
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When piloting or gunning in any armed vehicle, the crosshair is forced upon the player which in turn kills immersion. This has been a problem that has plagued A3 since Alpha/Beta/Launch/Now and I would guess that it SHOULD be a fairly easy fix; a simple on/off switch for that portion of code.

If you REALLY want to see how annoying it is then go into editor, go to a heavily wooded/crowded urban area, put down multiple armor/infantry/vehicles units, then suit up in the Wipeout and try to get them. You'll immediately notice the crosshair RUINS the point of having any remote amount of in-vehicle HUD. Honestly, the fact that I haven't seen any other tickets on this is baffling considering I, along with hundreds of others, have expressed outrage that this simple problem has kept them from multiple kills.

I don't mean to rant, it's just a pretty annoying problem that hasn't been fixed that's plagued me since the beginning of the game.

Thank you, Jason.


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Literally all you have to do it is get in the pilot/gunner seat of any armed air vehicle.

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It's sad that I have to make an EXACT REPLICA of a report because the other one was completely abandoned and I have heard 0% of an update (which, I agree, isn't required, but is nice) for this infinitely stupid problem which is infinitely simple to fix.

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tldr: @Adam plz :(