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Deploying a weapon with a bipod offers no advantage over deploying a weapon without a bipod
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Deploying a weapon with a bipod offers no obvious advantage over deploying a weapon without using a bipod.

Deploying a weapon with a bipod should have these advantages over deploying the same weapon without a bipod:

  • it would allow the weapon to be deployed when prone on flat ground (I can't understand how this is done without a sandbag or similar object to rest the barrel upon)
  • it should raise the weapon relative to the surface
  • it allows greater inclination of the weapon relative to the supporting surface
  • possibly provide improved recoil recovery {F27739} {F27740}


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Caveat: I have no real world experience with bipods or rifles.

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thank you for your feedback. It is actually possible to use the bipod when prone. Simply go prone and use the bipod deploy button, (by default C) you can check the bipod status in the upper right corner.

Try Navid in Arsenal with bipod deployed and not deployed, you should se the difference.

Thank you

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razazel: You misunderstand the ticket.

What ceeeb says is that there is no benefit to use bipod when you deploy the weapon(by default C). You can deploy if you have bipod attachment attached and if you haven't.

Edit: Basically there should be 3 type of resting.
-normal resting
-deploy without bipod
-deploy with bipod

Okay, here goes:

  1. take SPMG .338 without bipod
  2. go to sandbags
  3. shoot without deploying, you will see that weapon has big recoil
  4. deploy (without bipod)
  5. shoot and you will see there is smaller recoil
  6. attach bipod
  7. deploy with bipod
  8. shoot and you will see that there is almost 0 recoil

You will get the same result when prone

ceeeb added a comment.Jan 7 2016, 1:43 PM

Thanks Razazel, I have done some tests and could not notice any difference with the bipod vs without, but I will do some more extensive testing and get back to you.

EDIT: Okay, graphs of recoil of SPMG and Mk18 attached. Deploying with bipod shows clear recoil benefit.

Are other aspects of this report still valid?
My initial reason for adding this ticket was finding no change in the allowed weapon elevation when prone and using the bipod (eg, shooting uphill from flat ground). I assumed this was part of the benefit of using a bipod, but am not so sure anymore.