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When i click start game from steam or even open the exe itself i get an error and the game closes
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Whenever i click the start button on steam or even open it from the exe i get this error:
Include file A3\ui_f_curator\UI\ not found. i am using the legacy ports version of the game. i Have tried doing a steam verify but that didn't fix it, updating drivers didn't fix it either.


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Download the Legacy Ports Version of arma 3 and start the game.

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unfortunately we were not able to reproduce this bug.

Are you able to run the current version of the game (Betas opt on NONE)?

Thank you

I Fixed this issue. All i did was delete the ui_f_Curator file and then verify in steam. i think it was because the file missing was inside this and steam didn't see it when verifying so deleting the ui_f_Curator file and reverifying fixed it. The same happened for the ui_f_mp_mark and we did the same and fixed it.

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