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add server difficulty setting to switch on/off automatic target&lock action (next target, etc)
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Next target
Next Empty target
Next target (in vehicle)
Next empty target (veh.)

All the above actions are OP when used with missiles fired from planes and helicopters and infantry with titans (the weapon automatically finds and locks the target). The question here is not about realism it is about good gameplay. By adding the possibility to disable these actions plane/heli pilots will require to know the position of the target and point the nose of the aircraft towards the target in order to get a manual lock on it (so it adds a bit of challenge and requires a bit of skill and teamwork, other players helping with locating the target). Same for infantry they need to know the position of the target. This way targeted players that made the effort of using some camouflage have more chances to escape the deadly missile.

At the moment I'm using a clumsy script workaround that I'm not sure of it's 100% unhackable (based on inputaction) and also unfriendly to players that have to read a message whenever they press, for instance, Reload key on the keyboard (because by default Reload action uses same key as next Target action).


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