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Author attribute is not properly read
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Mod authors are currently unknown in the launcher, even though the author attribute is properly set in the mod.cpp. {F27696}


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For the mods from Steam Workshop the authors are not read from the mod.cpp file (which might not be even downloaded at the time the mod is listed in Launcher), but instead taken from Steam Workshop metadata, and the author name resolution on Steam is failing in this case, hence author unknown.

Might be possible change in future if we find some time to properly separate author and publisher information fields.

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Just wanted to mention, that the author attribute is missing for every workshop mod at them moment. It seems the author name resolution is failing for everyone.

it's known to happen time to time. It should fix itself after some time, or you can try to restart Steam client to see if that helps.
But we look into it anyway just to be sure, thank you.

R3vo added a comment.Jan 8 2016, 9:31 AM

I have had this issue already before the 28th Dec, when I submitted this ticket. Verifying Arma 3 files, or resubscribing etc. didn't help.

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Fixed, can be closed.

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