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Revive glitch allowing to move and shoot normally
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When you get in the incapacited state -wether it's on End Game or any other mission with the revive system- you can press C (deploying the bipod), and then be able to move normally and shoot around like nothing happened. This only works if you have a weapon that can be rested, so only primary weapons. This glitch can't happen with handguns or launchers (as they can't be rested). {F27664} {F27665} {F27666}


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I don't know why somebody downvotes this issue (except if he didn't realized we were talking about the official revive system).
This issue is not only present in End Game but in all missions using this new revive system.

This glitch permit to fire and move (but you can't revive somebody else or use the action menu) which is really annoying in Multiplayer.

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Throw a grenade on your feet in End Game.
  2. When incapacitated, press "C" (or the key you use to deploy your bipod)
  3. Press "C" again
  4. Now you can run and fire

I have attached some screenshots so you can see what it looks like (sorry but my game is in french).

seems to be I misslcicked... yeah 1 more thing the bots wont engage you after repreducing this bug and all the bot kills will count as friendly kills.


this issue should be now resolved completely in the Steam Dev as well as in the RC (and of should not be present later in the next Stable).

Could you please try to switch to these versions and see if the issue is still present?

Thank you

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Hi, this issue is fixed in dev-branch, as of RC, haven't tried yet.