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Why am I not getting the full range of drawing? If the view distance is 1700, 1700 objects, I get a real range of 1300-1400. Video settings 12000, 6000 objects.
Why does "setOvestVievDistantse" does not work?Objects take the remoteness of the total value.
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thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately I was not able to repro this, when using this command. I was able to see the objects at 1700 just fine.

Are you running the game with any mods? If so, try to disable them and check again.

When testing this, it is important that you pick a place and objects that are visible from your position. To test the command properly, try to set View Distance to 2000, find an object that is approximately 1700 m far and visible from your position. Then run the command with 1700 value. You should see objects that are further then 1700 meters disappear but still see the rest.

Thank you

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