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Randomly gear gets lost when logging back on, Wasteland
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Players will randomly come back to the server and upon spawning in they will be missing their Vest & their uniform get's reset to the default. Tried many different combos with gear and it seems to effect all and happen at random times. I've gone days without the issue or times it's been right after a restart. This is on Wasteland server mod.


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Wasteland is a multiplayer modification by Sa-Matra.

The developers of ARMA3 can't do anything because you have a problem with non official content.

This is a problem that goes beyond Wasteland and for sure happens in Exile mod as well. Uniform handling is part of the core game.

In Exile, if you pick up your uniform and chest rig from your corpse (other slots seem unaffected) and other players see you naked, you're going to lose them if you log out. It seems like your client knows about the pickup, but the server doesn't; however, if players see you clothed, you're probably OK. It seems somewhat inconsistent.

ynpmoose the bug you mean is a different one and already in work. Its a sync bug from server to client with the uniform only. It means Helmets vests backpacks and uniforms are not visually!!! updated.

Koala added a comment.Dec 21 2015, 5:05 PM


By default, there is no "gear saving"-feature in ARMA 3 for the multiplayer. These are scripts and modifications that were created by users for users.

Exile is as well a modification for ARMA3.

Please learn the difference between vanilla content and non official content/mods (King of the Hill, Altis Life, Invade & Annex, Exile, Wasteland, DayZ etc., subscribed Co-Op missions, A.C.E.2, A.C.R.E 2, T.F.A.R. etc.)


unfortunately there is not much we can do about this as these multiplayer modifications were created by the Community.

It will be up to them to address this.

Thank you