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Light Infantry for CSAT
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It´s been long known that the Alien/scale armor -look is not for the more conservative players. With a small and simple addition this could be remedied to satisfy all player bases.

Make a CSAT "light infantry" -unit with HEX ordinary fatigues (basically retexture of AAF fatigues) and a more conservative helmet (retexture of AAF helmet, maybe some small changes to model). A HEX boonie would also be really appriciated as the CSAT helmet draws a lot of batteries in the Altis heat.

The light infantry would fit the A3 story as lower level units being called in to hold CSAT objectives while the hard hitting Alien forces continue on to take objectives. All weaponary could be identical to current forces, so basically no big changes to current group setups etc.


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Spawn CSAT infantry group in Editor. Look at them from the perspective of an -80:s born. Consider them something out of a sci-fi movie and not fun to play with because you´ve played arma since OFP. :)

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This would be a small "nod" to the older ones in the community and probably wouldnt take a lot of effort as its only retexturing. (but what do I know) :)

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