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Buldozer fails to connet to O2 unless a certain window is activated
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Buldozer under Windows 10 fails to connect to O2, even though it is launched and shows an empty window. If left alone, the timeout will occur and nothing will happen.


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Steps To Reproduce

I have the following setup:

  • My own custom P drive
  • Buldozer installed via devP.bat -update
  • Tools are dev branch, but game/buldozer is from the stable branch
  • P drive content from stable branch

Starting Buldozer from O2 will result in the buldozer.exe being launched. O2 will show the "Searching External Viewer" window, but it will count down and fail if left alone.

I can make the viewer connect with the following trick:

  • Press ALT-Tab if buldozer is active
  • Press LWIN-Tab. This will display all windows on the desktop
  • Search for a small window "Viewer Search". It will pop up periodically for a second or two
  • Once the window appears, activate it by clicking on it.
  • Buldozer will now have connected and shows the model as expected.

Sometimes, in VERY rare cases, subsequent starts of Buldozer will work right away, but as a rule, the above steps are needed.

Additional Information

My guess is that the "Viewer Search" window class is supposed to do something on Window activation, but Windows 10 might have changed the behavior of window activation or the timing and therefore the window is not activated until I specifically do so from the LWIN-TAB dialog.

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Extra info: No error/crashes reported, it just sits there waiting.