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Game crashes to desktop after splash screen. Error messages/Workshop Mods.
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After launching ARMA 3 from Steam and selecting my mod list from the launcher, after the Bohemia splash screen, my game immediately crashes to the desktop and presents an on-screen error message. The specific error changes based on the mods being run. Here are two of the various messages:

"Bad animation file format in file 'mas_cars\uaz\data\anim\stryker_dead.rtm.' "

This happens I'd assume when launching Massi's NATO Russian Vehicles, which I'm subscribed to on Workshop. Here's another:

Warning: preNLOD format in object pra3\pra3_plants\tree\jbad_t_malus1s.p3d"

If I had to guess, I think this is being caused by the Workshop mod/map "Kunduz, Afghanistan" but I'm really not sure. I feel like perhaps my Workshop mods aren't being loaded fully when syncing with the launcher?


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Launch Steam, press play, select mod list including Kunduz or Massi's NATO Russian Vehicles, which are both subscribed to on Workshop, press play and after the splash screen, the game crashes to desktop and presents these messages.

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Here's the dropbox of the launcher report:

A few nights ago when launching the game in the same fashion, I'd estimate around 10 of my Workshop mods wouldn't fully load when syncing with the launcher. After several minutes I decided to close the launcher and re-start the game. Obvioiusly I can't be sure if this is the cause, but Kunduz was one of the mods that wouldn't fully load until I re-started the game.

I just launched the game but can't find any reports for 12/10. On 12/9, what I just reported, the relevant info would have been from a session started late at night on 12/9, but the errors didn't occur until the early morning hours of 12/10.

I apologize if what I reported isn't the relevant info.

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Unsubscribing and resubscribing to both Massi's NATO Russian Vehicles and Kunduz Afghanistan allow the game to launch properly. I think it's exactly as I had suspected and that my mods aren't properly syncing when launching the launcher through steam.

Although technically this issue is resolved, I haven't tried launching a good portion of my mods (so it probably will happen again) and hopefully I'll be lucky enough to be able to decipher the error messages enough to know which mod isn't loading correctly.

Hopefully your team can figure out why the launcher is saying mods are up-to-date when they clearly are corrupted and need unsubscribing/resubscribing through Workshop.

could you please upload all the Launcher logs? If you open Launcher, in the top right corner of the window is Option menu and there's the menu item 'Export Launcher logs to desktop'. It will gather all the logs to single ZIP archive and put them on your desktop. The porting of the log you send doesn't show any error.

Launcher do the same synchronization procedure when start as well as when the mod is (re)subscribed. But unless you exited the Steam completely after subscribing the mod and before resubscribing it, the downloaded data were not affected.

Sorry, I'm new to this. I just posted the entire zip file. The dates in question should be between 12/9 (late at night) and right now (12/11 early morning0.

For instance, I just had another CTD. This one was caused by Massi's NATO Russian Weapons in an error message. The second I unsubscribed and resubscribed, the game launched successfully.

That's three separate errors now (Massi Weapons, Massi Vehicles, and Kunduz). I'm sure ther's more, I've just yet to try the mods at this point.

Let me know if you need anything else and thanks for looking into it, Wizard.

The synchronization logs shows that Kunduz mod files were transferred (all of them, and all of them successfully) on 2015-12-08 23:43:20 - 23:47:25. That was the last time the synchronization was necessary as the data was the same as one provided by Steam (the check for the update was done several times), until it was forced by resubscribing it on 2015-12-10 21:12:37.

So far the only explanation I can think of is that the data was corrupted while being saved on your drive, but it's virtually impossible for this to be unnoticed by both the operating system and Launcher synchronization.

Thanks Wizard. I'm not really very tech savvy which is why I'm opening my first ticket. I have no idea why several of my mods need resubscribing.

Would the same thing be true about Massi's NATO Russian Weapons and Massi's NATO Russian Vehicles as you see with Kunduz? Like everything is A-ok?

I obviously don't know how the logs work, but does any trace of my ARMA 3 on-screen crash messages show up in the files I sent you at all?

These are just three of what I believe to be around 10 mods that will ultimately cause my game to crash at some point (I have a lot of mods). These are just the ones I tried and were also ones that wouldn't fully load a few days ago when I had to force the Launcher to close.

Let me know if there's any more information I can provide you. And thanks for looking into this.

And just to be clear since we're using Kunduz as an example. You see on your end of successfully loaded all data on 12/8 but it caused crashes on 12/9 and 12/10 until I decided to unsubscribe/resubscribe.

I wonder why the logs don't show this?

Those are Launcher logs, not game logs so they won't show errors that happen in-game, but by the messages you've provided the cause is in the data. I'll have to create a special program to diagnose the issue.

could you please download and run a program that will create a detailed report on the Workshop data and the synchronization? It would be best to run it once, the start Launcher and wait for the synchronization to finish, and then let the program run again.

You can simply download the program from , run it and it will create a file on your desktop.

So just run it, let the launcher synchronize, run it again and post whatever file pops up on my desktop back here?

Thanks Wizard. I uploaded two files. One by running the program after unpacking it, the other after opening and letting the launcher sync.

according to the file checks shows a 100% match for all mods subscribed from Steam Workshop, at least according the data your Steam client has provided on your PC.

Above that the only thing that changed then you run Launcher is that it installed Resist mod files.

I appreciate everything Wizard. I guess at this point there's not much else we can troubleshoot. The issue clearly isn't happening anymore and thanks for the time you put into this.

Happy holidays.

This is still happening. I can't believe this.

Right now Leights OPFOR Pack, ACE, Massi's African Conflict, CUP Core, CUP Maps, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, Kunduz Afghanistan, Massi's Middle East Warfare, Massi's NATO Russian Vehicles, Massi's NATO Russion Weapons, Resist, Massi's Russian GRU, Spyder Addons, and TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms Pack are all "working" with the green play sign next to their name. Meaning they're all "updating."

Zombies and Demons, Gorgona, CUP ACE compatibility Addon, ARES and the 101 Editor all say "updated." Though none of them updated today.

The last time this happened to me EVERY SINGLE ONE of my mods became corrupted and needed to be redownloaded. EVERY single one. That's 21 mods now ruined just because I pressed play in Steam. All of them are now corrupted.

This launcher is too unreliable. This sets me back hours and hours and hours and bandwidth isn't free. I'll have to delete and redownload every single one now.

And now my game's main menu looks like something out of the early 90's and says ARMA 2. There's just a basic white screen with simple interfaces. I take it my game install corrupted too in the process. All because I pressed play on steam to launch the game.

I'm afraid that Launcher can't corrupted the game, because it can't touch the core game files at all. It can only update files in folders that starts with @ sign.

It is possible that your problem with the main menu is caused by some of the mods that are active (as an unfortunate result of mod corrupted)? If you run the game without mods, is the menu still corrupted?

The mods themselves are what becomes corrupted. I'm obviously not an expert on this but here is what I believe is happening.

I launch Steam and press play on ARMA. This opens your launcher. Normally what happens next is the launcher looks to make sure all my mods are up-to-date.

What's sometimes happening, as I've outlined here, is that sometimes when the launcher starts, EVERY single one of Workshop subscribed mods begin to start "updating." Or rather, they all begin to redownload.

As you can imagine this can take a very long time to finish.

When this has happened to me, twice now in fact, every single one of my Workshop mods become unusable. Every single one. What I don't understand is why these Workshop mods are even updating to begin with. On the night this happened last, none of the mods had received updates since the last time I had played, therefore, why are any of them updating? Let alone all of them.

Under normal circumstances, when a mod updates, that specific mods will do what I described but it's painless and everything works afterward. But twice now my launcher has decided they EVERY single one of my mods need updating, and when that happens, EVERY single one becomes corrupted.

Yes the menu was still corrupted without mods. This is what is most baffling to me. The only way I was able to make that problem go away was to unsubscribe to all the mods and verify my game cache.

Even without any mods in my launcher, the menu still looked like that. I had to unsubscribe/verify game cache to make the problem go away.