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Game crashes to desktop after splash screen. Error messages/Workshop Mods.
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After launching ARMA 3 from Steam and selecting my mod list from the launcher, after the Bohemia splash screen, my game immediately crashes to the desktop and presents an on-screen error message. The specific error changes based on the mods being run. Here are two of the various messages:

"Bad animation file format in file 'mas_cars\uaz\data\anim\stryker_dead.rtm.' "

This happens I'd assume when launching Massi's NATO Russian Vehicles, which I'm subscribed to on Workshop. Here's another:

Warning: preNLOD format in object pra3\pra3_plants\tree\jbad_t_malus1s.p3d"

If I had to guess, I think this is being caused by the Workshop mod/map "Kunduz, Afghanistan" but I'm really not sure. I feel like perhaps my Workshop mods aren't being loaded fully when syncing with the launcher?


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Launch Steam, press play, select mod list including Kunduz or Massi's NATO Russian Vehicles, which are both subscribed to on Workshop, press play and after the splash screen, the game crashes to desktop and presents these messages.

Additional Information

A few nights ago when launching the game in the same fashion, I'd estimate around 10 of my Workshop mods wouldn't fully load when syncing with the launcher. After several minutes I decided to close the launcher and re-start the game. Obvioiusly I can't be sure if this is the cause, but Kunduz was one of the mods that wouldn't fully load until I re-started the game.

I just launched the game but can't find any reports for 12/10. On 12/9, what I just reported, the relevant info would have been from a session started late at night on 12/9, but the errors didn't occur until the early morning hours of 12/10.

I apologize if what I reported isn't the relevant info.

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