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Enabling SLI in WIN 10 crashes driver in Arma 3
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When SLI is enabled Arma 3 will crash upon joining a server & beginning to download the mission file. I tried SP for approximately 15 minutes doing the helicopter mission without a crash. This has been occuring since I upgraded to windows 10. {F27563}


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Enable SLI in nvidia control panel using Windows 10 Pro & 2 x 570 GTX.
Launch game unmodded.
Join A3Armory Wasteland server.
Select team and proceed to join/download mission.
Mid-download driver will crash.

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Did you try joining and downloading the mission file with sli off,then if successful rejoining with sli on after the file is downloaded, or does it crash with sli on regardless of the file already being downloaded?

Adam added a comment.Dec 10 2015, 1:04 PM

Hello, You may encounter issues after upgrading to Windows 10 from another version of Windows. Doing a fully clean install of Windows 10 (or upgrade with loss of data - carefully back-up first please!) can resolve such issues. Some issues can be resolved by repairing common libraries after the upgrade.

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@crs24 - It's hit or miss. I was able to play an entire match on Stratis Wasteland with SLI on. Today, my game crashed at the game's menu with SLI on. @Adamn This version of windows 10 was a fresh install. What sort of libraries would I be looking to repair?