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New createObject command, exact spawning of vehicles
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I am requesting a new command to be introduced so that we can spawn vehicles/objects exactly where we want them. Currently we have to spawn it, set direction or vectors then set position. This isn't good when objects start touching each other because their direction isn't set yet etc... If we know where we want our vehicle/object exactly and know we don't need to worry about if it's a safe spot or not, we should be able to spawn it there.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

createObject [<classname>, <position_asl>, <vector dir>, <vector up>];

An alternative syntax would be nice:

createObject [<classname>, <position_asl>, <direction>];

As for position asl, I'm a bit unsure on the best position to use. I picked asl for speed, maybe agl would be better.

It would also be nice to have some optional params as well such as disabling simulation.

Also not related but it would be useful to have some commands to interact with vectors dir and up by the means of pitch, bank and yaw. I'd find it much easier to rotate objects that way. anglesToVectors [pitch, bank, yaw], output [<vectordir>, <vectorup>]. And also have it support attachTo.


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Bohemia added a subscriber: Eichi.Dec 10 2015, 1:09 AM

Should have been this way all along, IMO

Have you tried spawning object in away location, then setting desired object orientation there before moving it to the exact position?

Well obviously that's what we've all being doing since forever, but this isn't optimal and ends up in vehicles exploding. It's possible with the current createVehicle command to safely spawn a vehicle... inside the map, but not outside, which would be the best place to initially spawn them so no players see it happening. Why is it BIS seem to stray away from the obvious better idea? It would be so much better to have a dedicated native command that would let us spawn objects/vehicles exactly where we want them from the get go. Instead we have to faff about spawning it safely, then moving it etc... which all results in more cpu cycles.

Eichi added a comment.Dec 10 2015, 2:39 PM

Currently, I have to do almost 80 lines just to be (97%) sure a vehicle does not explode. Its easier for the average modder and in the end better for the reputation of Arma. People think exploding things is a feature of Arma. They blame you for this. And to be honest: Setting a world matrix is not as that hard.

Just do it!