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Deployed weapons should sway only a fraction of what's currently modeled
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Any deployed weapons under the new fatigue rules suffers from unreasonably high sway values conceptually associated with the soldiers heavy breathing after strain.

while this is sensible as a factor affecting shoulder firing stances (upright or crouched) - it is not realistic and very frustrating to experience how this also effects firing from a stabilized position with the gun rested on a solid object and/or elbows to the ground (i.e. when prone)

one of the main reasons a shooter seeks shooting from a deployed position, even without a bipod, is that the object being rested upon supports most of the mass of the weapon - thereby removing almost, if not all, unwanted motions inherent of the human body as a firing platform.

critically in fatigue conditions, the use of a deployed firing position over hand-held shooting should enable near-perfect accuracy for short and medium range targets


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Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce

Run around for fatigue to set in

find a rock or ledge useful as a weapon resting platform (bipod optional)

deploy weapon on the aforementioned platform

notice the unruly wobble and how it renders a deployed position generally useless compared to firing without (sometimes, even worse than without)

repeat the experiment under different fatigue, loadout and combat conditions

Additional Information

The recommended fix for this issue, is the obvious large scale reduction of all sway values when using any gun from a deployed or prone position. movement should be limited to minimal, trace fluctuations only.

The motion should be such that sway becomes a non-factor for stabilized shots from deployed positions under any fatigue conditions up to a range of at least 400 meters. This can be determined by the general placement of the reticle over a man sized target at that distance, and verifying that the sway does not exceed the area of the intended mark within the gun sight's point of view

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I noticed this as well. Weapon Sway is unrealist high.

Just run arround or do some squats till you out of breath (in real life). Now take some weapon with sights and realistic weight and try to aim it down range while resting the weapon on a static object.
I bet you wouldn´t wobble as much as it is currently modeled...
At least the currently modeled weapon sway, breaks the game for me, as it´s next to impossible to hit anything which is farther away than 150m

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Another peculiar realization about this matter:

upon accumulating a little "fatigue" by running around with a Titan launcher plus 3 of the very bulky rockets it shoots, I came upon one of the many (often quite convenient) rock walls found around Altis -- so I used that for a firing platform, as any self-preserving soldier would...

Curisouly, the same up and down movement of my gun while being held on arms CONTINUED - all but unchanged - even after the largest part of that mass was relieved upon this rock wall

in wanton disregard for how the physics of solid objects should work, the gun continued bobbing up and down, almost mockingly, as if the thousand-year-old rock wall I laid it over was built with piles of half filled water balloons

this was clearly visible before switching to gunsight view -- upon doing that, the result was not unlike being aboard a small sailboat mid ocean during a storm with ten meter swells hitting the broadside...

to avoid further sea-sickness, as well as somewhat IMPROVE my aim, I picked up the gun and shot it from the shoulder, now very wary of the deceivingly "solid" appearance of these Altian rock walls - very possibly put there by a very cunning enemy in preparation for our assault


  • the last update plain old BROKE all weapon resting capabilities

Launchers and Binoculars also suffer from the extensive sway too much.