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nexus update fatigue. at max fatigue with out moving. cant run
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logged into arma 3 king of the hill us1 and character is at maximum fatigue, so i can only walk slowly and i heard on side chat others having the same problem. but saw others running about.


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Duplicate of #0026732

Just take a look at following note:

This update 1.54 is a total mess with his new stamina, fatigue and weapon sway sistem . And the biggest shit is the almost double weight of weapons from sniper dlc. Somebody stupid increased the weight of those weapons, making them useless.

Koala added a comment.Dec 5 2015, 8:38 PM


Everything is fine. Have you tried to take a look into the ticket above?

Now it is hard to carry a big sniper rifle and an anti tank weapon at the same time (which is fine).

Nothing became useless, if you manage your equipment the right way.

Yeah awesome.. They put out DLC packs like MARKSMEN ETC. you purchase it but cant use any of the rifles as they are too heavy too much sway and cant carry any AT , so whats the point in having a Recon AT etc if you cant carry a rifle and a compact titan launcher etc
This update 1.54 is a great way to lose customers etc. ARMA 3 NOW = fucking shit Game .. I played it Daily but now i dont even want to bother.. Why have all this gear and back packs and kits and make such a huge game, that you can only carry a pistol and 1 bullet other wise you cant Aim for shit standing or crouching anymore. The new stamina system etc is A PIECE OF SHIT.... Thanks for making me waste my money on this stupid Game.. You might as well remove Marksmen DLC, BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE YOU HAVE FUCKED UP BAD THIS TIME....... Bye

If you were smart enough, you would know that it is insanely heavy trying to carry a rifle, 30+ mags and a AT launcher, +10 rockets at the same time.

The plate vests alone feel like a pain to carry around, especially in such hot climate as in Altis/Stratis.

Personally I cannot reproduce this, since I manage my loadouts in a more reasonable and lighter way to stay agile.

I totaly agreed with dazzz666.

Koala, I need a still playable game, not a ridiculous super realistic simulator. I have the entire colection ofp -> arma 3, but never was such disregard about the playability. The update 1.38 screwed the street lamps shoted that afect only the SP, 1.50 screwed the memory alocation (Error STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005)), not even now resolved and now, 1,54 is a big shit wits that stamina/fatigue/sway. They accepted and corected in same way with a hotfix but the weight and sway is still a big problem.

Perhaps you have a frail constitution, who can't carry more than 4-5 kilos so please, let others to carry more.

Try to imagine a scene where you are a marksman with Cyrus or Mar-10 with 4-5 mags, one AA launcher with 1 or 2 rockets and you are attacked by infantry and air in same time. You must drop either the rifle or the SAM because an idiot weighted too much the rifle.
Why I bought the marksmen dlc if I have the CUP weapons, or others mods?

SilverDude, you exaggerate.

Pershing as a sniper you dont take a SAM. Thats something no one liked in arma. People running around as supersoldiers with .408 and AT titan. A sniper doesnt even run alone he has a spotter with some extra equip and some spare mags. The spotter takes a dmr or assault rifle. Arma 3 became more tactical since the update. People do teamwork instead of lone wolf bullshit.