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AI does not fire small arms at NATO Hunter or AAF Strider
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I am unsure if this is intentional or not, but hostile AI of any type will not fire small arms at the NATO Hunter or the AAF Strider.

They will engage with grenade launchers and RPGs, but not with small arms. This occurs on all AI difficulties regardless of enemy faction. Besides armored vehicles, they will only behave this way with the NATO Hunter and AAF Strider.

They will, however, engage the CSAT Ifrit with both small arms, grenade and rocket launchers, which makes it odd that they wouldn't do the same to the Hunter and Strider.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put down BLUFOR Hunter/AAF Strider with player as driver.
  1. Put down enemy infantry team and replace the AT rifleman with regular rifleman so that you won't get blown to shreds immediately.
  1. Drive towards enemy infantry team and they will only fire grenade and rocket launchers.
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Video to demonstrate the issue:

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