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Helicopter bug in FFV showcase
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In the FFV showcase, after both Kilo 1 and 2 have been dropped, Romeo 2 returns to base while Romeo 1 stays over the city to gather information.

However, when the chopper announces it's been hit, he always lands in the town instead of heading back to base.

The problem hasn't been solved in 1.60.

Plus, now both Romeo 2 just lands on the LZ just after unloading Kilo 1 and Kilo 2 and doesn't move any longer.

Concerning Romeo 1, sometimes it goes to Syrta and lands in the town or it just lands after unloading Kilo.

Can this be fixed please? Total immersion break.


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Romeo 2 encounters the same bug:
after Romeo 2 (the damaged chopper) drops Kilo unit, it takes off a few seconds and then land again and doesn't return to base.

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Also, now the second chopper doesn't follow us at the very beginning of the mission (while en route the the crash site).

it stops for a while and let us take point after coming back.