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Headless Client and Server Crash
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HeadlessClient and Server Crashes after a few Minutes when running with 50 or more Players. I think there is a Problem with arma3server and extDB2.dll
The Problems comes with Arma3 1.54 Update Yesterday so i think the Problem is not in extDB.
I Added Logs, mdmp and bidmp files from HC.
Server Crashfiles are not aviable atm.

HC is also Crashing with 20 Players.
{F27468} {F27469} {F27470}


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Run HC with extDB2(any version) send Database Queries to HC, Set Owner of all AIs to HC.
On Server it happens Sometimes. No Idea to reproduce it.

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We're also experiencing crashes on our HC, also with around 20 players. The main server didn't crash (yet). We're using old extDB v35, so this issue is not specific to extDB2. Server logs and dump files are attached.

The server Crashes comes when Server have to manage databaseconnection with a high count of Players.

Yes, we have got too problems with crashes after Nexus Update. We are using extDB to connect our server with database. I'm attaching logs.

nimda added a comment.Dec 2 2015, 10:06 PM

Same Problem after Nexus Update, Server crashes. Logs Uploaded

Added Dump and Logfiles after micro update a few minutes ago

Our main server still didn't crash yet, despite having 100 players today and yesterday. Seems to be specific to the HC (at least with our server setup).

Siete una grandissima stronzata!!!!!!!!!

bonz added a subscriber: bonz.May 8 2016, 1:11 PM
bonz added a comment.Dec 4 2015, 8:58 PM

Problem confirmed. Many server crashing randomly. Confirmed also not extDB fault but issue appearing only after latest bohemia patch.

Our server today without crash for around 2 hours. Maybe some divine force? :D

bonz added a comment.Dec 4 2015, 9:18 PM

No divine force, just matter of luck.
Servers still crash randomly if over 30players and after 3hours at least.

nimda added a comment.Dec 5 2015, 4:55 PM

Server crash randomly!
Different Parameter, exDB..

Same here, I also uploaded my server rpt and mpt

Fix this please

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I´m sure BI know that something is wrong with 1.54 and the do there best to fix this. But as i know, Memory Leaks are realy hard to find in Software. So this take a bit time to fix it. Its Possible that this is a realy old issue who doesn´t matter until 1.54. I trust on the Skills of BI and hope that they can find this error fast. OK. true, something is not good in 1.54 e.G. Mapchanges/ fatigue System / ... BUT i have to say that they have done a lot of good thing in performance, this is a realy WOW factor in 1.54

Same here after Nexus update.

bonz added a comment.Dec 12 2015, 11:44 PM

@Adam any news?

Still crashing with 30+ players after 2 hours...

is anybody checking into this issue?
it doesn't seem related only to mods or external libraries.

bonz added a comment.Dec 16 2015, 11:03 PM

hey guys have you seen here?

please try and test!!

it seems better till now 3+ hours no crash on peak time!

Installed latest hotfix at 16pm yesterday and the headless client ran for 4 hours without an issue. After 20pm restart it crashed after 24 minutes. Logs attached.

@Kupferkarpfen make sure you also downloaded Dwardens perf exes from the forums as it has newer fixes.

bonz added a comment.Dec 17 2015, 9:16 PM


Adam wrote:
"3. Do not use any performance binaries"


That was just because hotfix 2 had newer perf fixes

Dwarden has released v5 now. Which I am testing as we speak, will update on crashes.

Next try with latest perf-build (v8). HC crashed after ~ 20 Minutes. Logs attached. Main server still running without a problem with original 1.54, perf v7 and perf v8.

Hope this helps and good luck hunting down this little bastard of a bug :)

bonz added a comment.Jan 11 2016, 12:24 AM

uploaded latest logs from last 3 crashes...

hopefully helps :/