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After selecting team, and waiting for match to load into EUTW Server #4, it crashes. Have not tried other EUTW servers. Have tried one King of the Hill server and worked first try. Thought originally related to mod Dynosound, but don't think so anymore because it crashes either way. Was able to join once, the second time after disabling mod. Crashed every time since then. Each time I crash, i seem to have a different memory read error.


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Update on this. I reinstalled game and am able to join again without crashing. Please leave this open till after this weekend. I want to continue testing to be sure.

Update: After playing for another 8 hours, I'm having problems again. I don't recall friday on which server I was on, but today, trying to join server 4 of EUTW will not allow me. Crashing again/still. I can join their server 2 without an issue. I BELIEVE i was on server 4 once today, but I can't recall.

I tried recreating it as best to my knowledge, please feel free ask me to do something to help out this report.

update to the update: eutw member let me know that server 4 does NOT have the hot fix yet. I'll update again tomorrow.

Update again: appears problem is resolved after update. You can delete this ticket now.