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Inconsistent behaviour for some aircraft
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The problem is related to how the wheels handle in choppers that have them. It's easiest to describe it via example.

Using UH-80 Ghosthawk and standard flight model you can land at any speed as long as your helicopter lands straight - it's just going to roll smoothly on the wheels, slowly loosing speed.

That's not the case with Kajman and some other helicopters with non-retractable gear. They just get damaged once speed is greater than 60 km/h.

UH-80 works perfectly, while other choppers get damage and eventually explode for some reason, instead of just rolling on the wheels like UH-80 does.


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This issue is persistent in standard flight model, but the feature that is flawed is a part of AFM, so I'm reporting it as such.

This issue is unrelated to vertical speed of the landing, it's all about horizontal speed.

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I have uploaded a video describing the problem and hereby I summon lord Pettka to fix teh configs pls
unless it's an engine issue

Thanks for constantly keeping your game up to date, and thanks for not ditching the community like some other devs do.