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EDEN EDITOR lost my mission saves
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Sometimes when i try to edit some scenario in EDEN editor and I return back from mission preview, all my placed units just disappear and there is no way to bring them back. The most weird thing is that I can't even re-open the latest save (.sqm) becouse it seems that the editor owerwrite the files so after all it just opens the empty scenario. Have you ever heard issues like this in the ED beta?


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Also having this issue. Probably lost a dozen missions - for a while I was saving each mission twice (e.g. "Mission Name" and "Mission Name Back Up") and when one was erased I would load the other and save over the erased one. Eventually both came up empty at the same time. I haven't noticed anything consistent that seems to be causing it.

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Same happened to me, the mission I was editing last night came up empty today.

Duplicate of #26543