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Editing scripts while using Eden editor seems to remove all mission.sqm objects from the saved sqm.
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Launching Arma 3(v1.55.1333.46) plain vanilla from Arma 3 Sync with no addons. Eden editor. Zeus game Master logic placed. Objects are not placed using Zeus. Using a working mission file.

Editing scripts other than sqm file in text editor and esc+alt/tab between editing using text editors seems to be removing the assets/objects from the existing mission.sqm file. When mission is reloaded nothing shows but the satellite map view from startup. In viewing the sqm nothing existing but the intel data. If player is added assets exist. Did not realize at first but after 3rd or 4th occurrence I realized that all objects were removed from the mission file.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Create mission using Eden editor. Save the mission.
Create miscellaneous script files that are invoked through the init.sqf.
Preview the mission.
Hit escape.(pause)
Hit alt/enter (windowed)
hit alt/tab (switch to text editor)
Edit and save random custom created script. Do not edit the mission.sqm.
Switch back to paused preview.
Return to the editor.
Reload the mission.
Nothing exists. Only the map is displayed.
View the mission.sqm in the text editor.

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Something similar happened to me recently, but I was unable to find the source of it.

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