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Cant sign Addons
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I sign my addons (360 pbo's) with DSUtils. When i come on my test server i'm kick because some addons are not signed. I have check siganture with DSUtils all are good and the .bikey is in the server. I have try to re-sign each files but I'm always kick.

I have try to sign with others tools like SignForge I have the same problem.

I have ask to a friend to try to sign with a new keys and he have the same problem with the pbo's.

So do you kwon if it's come form DSUtils ? or me ? or the pbo's ?



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Could you please, precise what branch of the game and the tools you are using?


I have recompile the pbo's not signed and it's worked. But now some players crash ramdomly when the signatue are set on V2. When i disable signature players dont crash

J'ai du recompiler les addons qui ne voulaient pas se signer et ca fonctionne. Maintenant les joueurs crash aléatoirement quand les signautres sont activés sur le serveur.

We would need some more information and data. I would say the RPT from a kicked player and the server would be enough to serve as start point.

I assume you are using the main branch of the game but what's about the tools, development or main branch?

Edit: What software are you using to pack your PBOs?

I'm on the main branch for game & tools. I use DSUtils to sign the addons.

For the RPT i need to re test but it's very random