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Reason for disconnect (missing addon) not displayed in game UI
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When a player connects to a server, or is connected to a server and the mission is changed, the player is disconnected immediately if he is missing any of the required addons for the mission. However, while the appropriate information is output into the RPT file (Missing Addon detected: <addon name>) it is NOT displayed in-game, neither to the user being disconnected in a message box, nor to the server admin/playres (XX disconnected (missing addon xxx)).

Providing that information would be very beneficial.


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Connect to any game that requires addons without the addons loaded. The game will immediately dump you back to the server list, without giving any reason, leaving the user to wonder what happened.

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This functionality was present in OFP and Arma, it would keep "open" the chat window a bit longer to show the same message the other players see. I have the feeling that it's still there, but hidden as soon as you go back to the multiplayer screen?

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Hello, any news about this ?
Players don't understand why they can't join my server, but they just have to get some addons on the workshop...

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I think this issue is fixed