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You can cheat the fatigue or stamina if you jog with binoculars in your hands or unarmed. Consumes 0 stamina.
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This was partially a problem also with the old fatigue because there it consumed much less fatigue and you run faster. Now it's transfered in the stamina and it's even worse. Jogging unarmed or binoculars in your hands consumes 0 stamina.

This makes people to use either a backpack where they can put their gun for a time when they're doing some longer movement or do the easiest thing, equip binoculars and you're good to go without any penalties to jogging and likely consumes less stamina when running. It looks stupid in the MP when people are running binoculars in their hands everywhere in the PvP.


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  1. Doesn't matter what load you've unless it's over 100%
  2. Take binoculars in your hands or have your hands free like moving your gun in your backpack and don't have a pistol and/or launcher.
  3. Jog. It consumes 0 stamina.
  4. Run. You can run much faster and it doesn't consume as much stamina so you can run longer.

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When you running with binoculars, you can move your hands, actually it helps alot in real, but I'm not sure that in Arma 3 it helps on the same level, up voted