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Lamps/Lights not available in EDEN editor
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There's no lights/lamps (like street lamp, harbor light, etc.) available in any of the sections in the eden editor. They're available in Zeus, so I hope it's an error. It's not really possible to edit a night time mission without adding some lights.


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Just press L when editing, and a massive light will be casted on the part of the terrain you're looking at.
But that's a good point, it would be cool if we could have as many objects in Eden as there is in Zeus. Because right now, we have the same objects available as in the 2D Editor, and the list was pretty incomplete. Especially the lights, and the projectors.
Btw, if you want to add a light spot, there is one by default in one of the empty groups, must be Camp Endurance I believe. Only workaround I found so far.

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ok thanks for the Camp endurance tip.

I know I add light to the place I am editing (or just edit the mission on day time and set it to night time before playing it), but I want to add some lights to the city in my mission and in the buildings. I think those are important objects to add to a mission editor to customize the map.

For now I'll just add some lights with Zeus when playing, since they can't be saved with the editor objects.