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Wound textures don't work with custom materials
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The material file in class Wounds that get's replaced when a soldier is wounded in a specific body part has to match the material of the selections in the .p3d model file. Therefore wounds will not be displayed when a custom material file is used in hiddenSelectionMaterials.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Change the hiddenSelectionMaterials on a soldier class to a custom material file (rvmat)
  2. Adjust class Wounds accordingly
  3. Start the game and shoot the soldier in the arm, leg, whatever

-> injured material is not used

Additional Information

Due to this bug it's impossible to have wounds on a soldier retexture when the retexture uses a custom material file. This is necessary, because things like the specular map are defined in the material and those contain for example US flags and other emblems that should not appear on the retexture.

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Upvoted, Same happen here. (Reported in our internal feedback of our ffaa mod but unable to fix this by myself :(

This issue persist still in 1.68