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Removing access to radio channels when not equipped with a radio
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Even if you don't carry a radio, you can still access every radio channel and listen to chatter and/or communicate with it, something that shouldn't be possible, as you're not even equipped with a radio in the first place. When not equipped with one, chat should be limited to the direct communication-channel only.


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you could do this with a script if you so wish
you could loop this every few seconds to check for requipping

0 = Global
1 = Side
2 = Command
3 = Group
4 = Vehicle
5 = Direct
6 = System

Most vehicles have a radio nowadays so you maybe wouldn't disable that
systemchat certainly shouldn't be disabled, this can be used by the mission Dev and the player cannot chat in this channel anyway


sleep 5;
if("radioClass" in items Player)
     {[_x] radioChannelAdd [Player]}foreach [0,1,2,3];
     {[_x] radioChannelRemove [Player]}foreach [0,1,2,3];


However a toggleable switch in the description.ext or an additional scripting command would be nice

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Hey Terox! Thanks for the input!

I didn't know about the scripting command, though I was thinking about having it implemented as a "feature". Having it hard-coded into the game so that it applies across all servers unless the server devs themselves wish to change it with scripts. I agree that all vehicles should have a radio by default and by 2035, no doubt your average car will have a radio in it, so there's that.