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I fixed the 0x0000005 error, none of the fixes on your site worked, or the support.
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I tried everything on the website to fix this, contacted you guys, and everything on the website, none worked. But I got a new headset, and Arma 3 worked. I am just letting you know because I did not find this suggestion on your website, support or anyone else who had this problem.
Sorry if this was a waste of your time.


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Hey same here, none of their solutions worked for over 3 weeks and I finally got down to the same issue! Mine was a Jabra headset, another users that fixed his was a Afterglow headset. So I'm going around all the tickets for this issue and posting this to HELP the people who paid 60$ for the game and haven't been able to play like me! See below :) Have fun!

HEY GUYS! Guess what? So I've been having this same issue for over 3 weeks and have been emailing the developers and also had a ticket in the tracker BUT they have not found a solution for this yet, or better yet have not troubleshooted it enough to find the issue. Hopefully I am here to save the day and resolve everyones issue with this so I'll pass this onto all the tickets I can find. Your going to think this is the most ridiculous thing ever when I tell you what is causing this. Unplug all of your USBs (unless its your mouse and keyboard) And try the game again. Make sure you take them out before You launch the game. My issue was the Headset being plugged in the computer. WTF right? Its a Jabra headset, I seen someone who had the same issue with another headset the afterglow ones and after he said he unplugged his he didn't crash ever again. Guess what, same with me! My Microsoft wireless mouse USB is fine to stay in the computer and play the game but all you have to do is find which one is causing it. I can confirm this is the solution because I launched the game 10 times with it plugged in and every 10 times it crashed exactly like yours did same scenario. Launched it 10 times without it plugged in and i haven't crashed it 2 days and 10 hours of awesome fun gameplay online and on the singleplayer. ENJOY your moneys worth now! Have Fun! You can tell how happy I am right? Good luck!

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