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AFV-4 Gorgon
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Here is some suggestions for AFV-4

1 - Increase Weight of Vehicle
2 - Increase shooting distance with Bushmaster cannon to 3000 m;
3 - Increase power of MP-T shells;
4 - Add the ability to retract RCWS turret down;
5 - Add an animation for missile launch system bonnets;
6 - Little more softness for chassis;
7 - Add an another texture;
8 - Missiles inside the launch system should be inside the tubes(photo below);
9 - Upgrade targeting system.


{F27306} {F27307} {F27308} {F27309} {F27310} {F27311}


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1 - For all vehicles, when you driving - you don't actually feeling weight, also - too short "length" beside wheels and keyboard (or time beside key press and power to wheels), check photo below.

2 - There is two versions of cannon for turret, and AFV-4 has turret with 3km shooting distance.

3 - One MP-T shell for Bushmaster cannon mod.44 can make a hole in almost any wall with 0.2 m diameter and kill anything behind the wall in visual space box 1x3x1 m.

4 - It can help in the future, as I know, probably in next year Arma3 get the cargo plane, and so, if it could transport vehicles with that weight, Retractable Turret could help with loading AFV-4 in the cargo space of that aircraft. Also players could drive it in the White hangar (with enters on two sides, it's important mostly for CTI game mod).

7 - If some other changes with that faction will happen (not bad textures, but like - not serious, vehicles looks like toys)

9 - In real, you can set the moment of detonation for MP-T shells.

May be, some suggestions would be correct for other fighting vehicles.

Thanks for reading

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missile in-tube launch sound implementation -