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XM8 PDA not functioning..
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When attempting to access the XM8 PDA, i receive the message "Whoops! Not implemented yet. Will come in a later version". I have uninstalled and reinstalled all game files multiple times with no success. This happens across all servers that I attempt to play on.


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Hit the "6" key and turn on w/ mouse pointer at "X".

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There is no XM8 PDA in ArmA III.

Please refrain from posting mod issues on this feedback tracker :) The thing you're talking about is courtesy of Exile mod.

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I'm pretty sure that the XM8 is not implemented in Exile so thats the reason why you are getting the "Whoops! Not implemented yet. Will come in a later version" message.

Also, its Exile related. Feedback tracker is only for base version of the game (That means no mods)