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no input <something>.castructures [ERROR]
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I just wanted to play Arma/ZEUS/Singleplayer cause I've finished downloading some addons from the workshop, but when I clicked on Preview in the editor I got an error about something with "no input" and "<blabla->something>.castructures" . I then retried it 10 times, always deleting one unit, end I ended up with an autorifleman in Vanilla as single and only unit on the whole map and it didn't work either. Seems like something got deeleted in one of the last updates or so....?


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I do not know if it will (not be able to)work at your computer too, but:
Modules->Zeus->Game master
Infos->Independent works together with->nobody

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Tried the steps, but didn't get any issue. Try to verify your files.

the files cfgpatches.cadata and castructures are missing. I can play the normal missions but i can't play the same maps on the editor with zeus.

how do i verify them?

Arma 3? There are guides on how to verify your Arma 3.

I tried to check every file but i don't even know why i got this error. when i launched arma with the australia map from ze workshop i got an error abou austexas.castructures missing. I then restarted the game without the map and it doesn't let me load any map in vanilla. not even virtual reality.

IF verifying doesn't work. A reinstall might work.

reinstall did't work either.