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Arma works, but with no visible environment.
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Arma load with no errors. All interface completely loaded and works well. But there are no terrain, models and landscape, only black space and faint sun. Even squad markers and labels are showed. It seems like some files of game world aren't loaded.


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For your better understanding of this issue I've uploaded the game video on Youtube:

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Seems like you have corrupted files.

Try to verify the integrity of your game cache with Steam.

If you are using mods, deactivate them and restart the game.

Please leave a reply, if it hepls.

Open any map in editor.

Is it still dark?

Press Esc and enter in debug console:

setAperture -1

then press EXECUTE

Did this fix the problem?

Possibly a driver issue. Try using Display Driver Uninstaller to completely remove your driver. And then reinstall a newer one.

@Koala, I verified game cache (nothing wrong) and launched the game without mods, nothing have changed.

@Killzone_Kid, it is still dark in editor. I enter "setAperture -1" in the console, but can't find "execute" button. There are "locally", small icon for performance test on the left and other fields and buttons below. I press everything and nothing helps.

@freexavier, don't think it is driver problem. Other games run fine (Arma 2 too)

Koala added a comment.Oct 27 2015, 5:38 PM

That is pretty strange.

But do us a favour and uninstall and reinstall your graphics driver like freexavier says.

Are you using third party software like SweetFX or every other kind of graphics enhancement?

What kind of graphics card are you using?

If you are using Intel HD Graphics, start your game with following parameter: -nobenchmark.

A driver issue doesn't have to have issues on all games. It can be on specific game. Also why not try.