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Certain Modules Switching to other modules
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Modded Modules (Specifically Zombies and Demons Mod) When you place a certain module in the 3D editor after clicking on it to change its settings it will change to another one that is part of that mod. I have talked to the mod author and they have confirmed it is a bug with the 3D editor not their mod.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Unaware of it happening with any of the default modules will test further.
Download zombies and demons mod by ryan.
Go into the eden editor,
go into modules - zombie settings
place a spawner
click on it to edit the logic of the module
click off the module back onto the map
the mkodule has now changed to a different one.

Additional Information

This does not happen in the 2D Editor could still be a bug with the mod however highly doubt it. Have asked the mod author and he says he has experienced same problem and it is an eden editor bug.

Sorry if it isn't. I have attached a link to the zombies and demons mod just in case.

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Duplicate of #26289