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Client Locked/Unresponsive while Mission Loading-Dev branch
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A mission that has been loading fine for months started to cause Client locks while loading on dev branch version 1.53.132942 and to any version after that.

Dedicated server and Headless client are still on line with no crash.

Reverted to standard NON-Dev version and problem goes away.

The mission starts loading, there is a brief refresh as if it is about to load the briefing map and then it goes back into the loading screen and stops there.
Client requires Control/Alt/Del or Alt-Tab to begin the process of exiting locked screen.

The mod showing on the rpt is just music/non intrusive code. Unchanged since before the issue appeared. {F27280} {F27281}


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Adam added a comment.Oct 21 2015, 8:38 AM

Have you tried disabling the mod even though nothing was changed in it? Just to be sure.

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KDN added a comment.Oct 21 2015, 10:33 AM

I will give it a try

KDN added a comment.Oct 21 2015, 5:54 PM

I tried with today's update with same lockup results. I uploaded the generated zip report along with the mission.
The mission loads fine on a Server/client as well as through the mission editor in multiplayer environment.

The standard Arma 3 missions are loading fine everywhere. So it seems that something in the recent updates of Dev branch is conflicting with my mission. I just can get enough feedback from the rpt to pinpoint it.

Note (Not Bug Related-Just Info for testers): The mission will start even in the absence of HC and addon pack @KDN. AI just will not spawn and Arma 3 music will replace the addon music.

KDN added a comment.Oct 31 2015, 5:12 PM

The issue persist in ver. 1.55.133137.
Further investigation confirms that the mission does load properly and in addition the players avatar exist inside the mission as per normal. The player is looking at the loading screen at that moment with no control over anything, except Alt-Tab or Ctr-Alt-Del.

Unfortunately, there are no rpt data that I can relate to amend my mission. When the player is Server host the mission loads fine but any clients that connect get the lock issue.

KDN added a comment.Nov 4 2015, 7:52 PM

Issue still persists in Dev Branch 1.55.133193

KDN added a comment.Nov 9 2015, 1:53 AM

RESOLVED or at least I got a way around it.
In the description.ext of my mission one of the functions under class CfgFunctions had a postInit=1. I commented it out and all clients load fine now and so far I have not found any issue forcing me to postInit that function.